With new trends constantly taking over social media, one that doesn’t seem to go is vintage photography. The rise in the use of vintage film cameras over the past few years has created what feels like an everlasting trend.

While not everyone wants to or has the means to buy a film camera, they are interested in creating a vintage aesthetic in their photos. One way in achieving this is by using vintage photo editing apps.

lomograph logo Lomograph
4.7⭐ and 38K Ratings

With an incredible rating of 4.7 stars across 37,000 reviews, Lomograph is the perfect vintage photo editing app. The app transforms your regular photos into experimental and creative analog film photos. 

Lomograph draws inspiration from Lomography. This style of photography is traditionally characterized by its inherent low-fi quality. Lomographic images often have retro light effects caused by extra light leaking into the camera body. Images also have ultra-saturated colors, blurring, vignetting, and other imperfections. All of which are generally avoided in modern photography. 

The app features all these Lomography vintage photo filters you desire. Start by applying light leaks, retro filters, analog date stamps and special effects to your photos.

Lomograph is a free-to-use vintage photo editing app, but also offers several in-app purchases that grant you access to a wider library of additional filters not included in the free version. 

huji camera logoHuji Cam
4.2⭐ and 11K Ratings

Boasting an impressive rating of 4.2 stars across 11 reviews HUJI Cam app takes your photographs and transforms them to have a feeling of analog film with old memories. The Huji Cam app achieves what camera brands have achieved for years; creating a state of euphoria through beautifully preserving memories.

The Huji Cam app is free to download with in-app purchase options for added functionality.

1998 cam logo1998 Cam
4.8⭐and 19.5K Ratings

Having the highest rating on this list of vintage photo editing apps, the 1998 Cam allows you to create and capture amazing photos with a vintage touch. Just like it’s the summer of 1998!

The 1998 Cam emulates the most popular cameras of the 90s – a disposable film camera. Pictures that are taken with this app sport a date stamp that brings back memories of old vintage photos.

This app offers popular over 100+ film filters and also the cam, film, kiosk, light leak, dust, and grainy filter effects. You capture new photos with this app, and also import photos and videos from your gallery. You can easily apply to apply vintage edits to all your photos by using this app.

The app is free to download and thankfully does not apply any watermarks in the free version. At an additional cost, the in-app purchases unlock access to all filters, an ad-free experience and more. 

3.6⭐and 8.2k ratings

Snapseed is a popular general-purpose mobile photo editing app that is popular with a lot of Instagram and social media creators. With over 29 tools and features including advanced editing functionality like healing brushes, brushing, HDR, and perspective shift, this powerful app is a must-have. 

Among these features, it is rich in vintage photo capabilities. The app’s vignetting, lens blur, glamour glow, grainy film, and vintage and double exposure features are best suited in editing the perfect vintage photo.

This free-to-use vintage editing app also allows you to save your edits as presets to apply them to other photos, making this app one of the best to use. It is also really easy to learn and there are in-app tutorials with tips and tricks.

afterlight logoAfterlight
4.7⭐and 15.6K Ratings

With an impressive 4.7 star rating across over fifteen thousand reviews, Afterlight is a robust photo editing app with great vintage capabilities. The app has an ever-expanding library of filters created by photographers for photographers.

Like Snapseed there are a lot of advanced photo editing capabilities in Afterlight, with tools such as advanced curves, HSL, gradients and grain filters. With over 130 unique filters to choose from you’ll find a look that is right for you, with plenty of vintage options! 

This free-to-use app is known for its high-quality filters, real film textures and precise editing tools, making this a one-stop shop for all your photography and editing needs. With an additional subscription, you can unlock full access to all features and future content within Afterlight

pixlr logoPixlr
3.6⭐and 1.3K Ratings

Another general-purpose photo editing app, Pixlr is a great option to achieve a vintage look in your photos. This free and easy-to-use photo editor has an impressive library of free effects, overlays and filters, allowing for over 2 million different combinations

It is easy to get started and start editing as you do not need an account to use the app.

Easily share your creations with your friends and audiences on social media with the sharing integrations directly to Instagram, Twitter and more!

retro camera + logoRetro Camera +
4.5⭐and 120 Ratings

On the go and forgot your film camera? 

Film photos are elegant and chic, and we can only adore them! Are you nostalgic for that vintage aesthetic? Fret not, as the Retro Camera + app is your solution for capturing vintage-looking photos on the go. Not only that, but you will also have access to your camera gallery to edit old photos with that vintage look.  

Bring your photos to life with 40+ camera effects featured on the Retro Camera + app. Directly share your images to Instagram and over 30 other apps such as Facebook, Twitter and more.