Vulcun Promo Code CS GO

lexion X studios is glad to announce our partnership with Vulcun for CS GO betting, fantasy league, jackpot and marketplace.vulcun_cs_go_fantasy_league

Our CS GO Vulcun Promo Code : legionxstudios

What are Vulcun Promo Codes and how to sign up?

When visiting the Vulcun website, use promo code legionxstudios, to receive the following promotions:

  1. On signup you will receive 5 free loot crates
  2. The Vulcun Promo Code for CS GO will allow you give you 100% gold match by Vulcun on your gold purchase, up to $1,000
  3. By simply logging in and verifying your account with your credit card you get another 15 free loot crates

With 20 free loot crates, 100% match goal, this promo is an absolute steal! Sign up today before the promo runs out.

Vulcun Drafting and Scoring for CS GO

Each managers will have $10,000 salary cap when creating their CS GO fantasy team. With the salary cap you must draft a team of eight professional CS GO players.  Of the 8 players you will be able to select a “Shotcaller” which is the player on the team which you believe will score the most points and have the biggest impact.

Vulcun CS GO Scoring System


  • Kills: +2 pts
  • Deaths: -1 pt
  • Assists: +1.6 pts
  • Headshots: +2.5pts

If your shotcaller gains the most points during all the matches which are part of the content, you will gain an additional 25% in points. Vulcun will let you know which players have the highest season point averages.

North American and European leagues must pick players from their own regions, and a maximum of 3 players from the same team can be picked. Players are locked into the draft when the competition starts and no substitutions will be allowed.

CS GO Drafting Startegy

If you are new to the CS GO competitive scene and have not followed up to who are the most prominent teams or players, therefor being unsure on which team members to select, I recommend at consulting the community, and seeing which teams are voted to most likely win, which you can find out after casting your own vote. After seeing which teams are most likely to win, I would recommend choosing the top players from the top teams as part of your team, and statistically you should perform well.

To sign up today, use promo code legionxstudios.