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How To Shoot and Edit the Perfect Sunset or Sunrise Photo – Simply done in Lightroom or Camera Raw

How To Shoot and Edit Sunset & Sunrise Photos Shooting and editing the perfect sunset photo can be a really easy process once you have a solid understanding on what you should be doing. I will first start discussing some favorable camera settings which I recommend to be used, which align perfectly with my editing style and methodology. Capturing the perfect in-camera photo is half the battle to a good edit. One of the most essential parts of shooting the perfect sunset or sunrise, is properly exposing the sky. While most people will not be using a graduated ND filter […]

how to shoot sunrise and sunset

How To Edit Moody Photos in Photoshop and CR

Ever wanted to learn how to edit moody pictures for your Instagram feed and achieve that moody theme aesthetics? Creating that captivating moody photos for your Instagram feed has never been easier when you understand all of the available tools in your editing arsenal, on how they work and interact together. By using Photoshop CC and Camera Raw (an included plugin with Photoshop, which is a free and dumbed down version of Lightroom), in this tutorial, Tudor Stanescu, often known by his alias legionxstudios will be teaching you his style and techniques in achieving the perfect moody photo edit. This […]

How To Edit Moody Pictures in Photoshop