Tudor Stanescu

Owner & Lead Photographer

tudor stanescu about me

Tudor’s journey into the world of photography was not an obvious one, but a dedicated one at the very least once he discovered his passion for photography. As a young child he absolutely hated beingin photos, but was always fascinated by the complexity of his grandfathers film SLR camera. An old camera that his grandfather had purchased in Russia while on a business trip from his home country Romania. He would go on to spend many hours observing his grandfather working in a dark room which they had at their house, but this interest in photography was soon forgotten in the many years to come after Tudor’s family decided to move to Canada.

Years later as an aspiring actor Tudor was at the top of his drama class in high school. As a weekly assignment, students were required to write a journal and hand it in for assessment. As a creative soul as Tudor was, it didn’t take long for him to innovate among his peers that writing a boring journal was enough to keep at the top of the class. Tudor soon starts to use different forms of media, starting with a voice recorded journal, to making home videos as a replacement to the journals. After purchasing his very first camcorder, a cassettetype JVC camcorder, he stumbled across a website that would forever change his life. That website was video-copilot.net. Captivated by the ability of creating his own video special effects, Tudor’s love for creating videos became even bigger. Teaching himself how to become a better film maker with more advance camera work, better editing, and the addition of special effects and motion graphics, it was finally time to make the move to HD recording. While researching his options for an HD camcorder, the first generation of video DSLRs hit the market. After much research he decides to buy the Canon T1i, thinking that the capabilities of having both video and photography all in one bundle would be most cost effective.

After years of focusing on video production, both working on his own projects and working for his University broadcasting club, MACtv, Tudor slowly started progressing towards a bigger interest in photography. As much as he liked working in a team environment in film, photography was far more therapeutical as he could adventure out into the world by myself. Slowly upgrading his gear from a Canon T1i to a T2i, then a Canon 60D, and now finally made the jump to the world of full frame photography with the Canon 5D Mark III.

As a self taught photographer Tudor prefers the freedom and creativity of venturing out in the world doing landscape photography, but often enjoys other types of photography as well. Studio work is mundane for him, and prefers to capture the essence and beauty of the outside world in its organic form.

When Tudor is not out and about exploring the lands for new photographs he’s probably slaving away at his day job as a Digital Marketer at 80 Proof Digital, a Toronto SEO agency.

Sheldon McFarlane

Senior Photographer

sheldon mcfarlane headshot

What can I say about myself without making this sound like a dating profile? My name is Sheldon; I’m just your average Canadian that is a total geek. I happen to have a love for cars, technology, soccer and photography.

There is something about the bond between man and machine. Getting behind the wheel of a hand picked car that you personally sought out, taking your key, starting the engine, and feeling the excitement as I cruise around the city. This is a moment of piece and deep serenity for me. In that moment I am one with my car; enjoying all the machine has to offer.

Similar to my car, technology creates a sense of excitement and discovery. Remember that experience you have when you update your phone or buy a new high definition television? You feel like you have just come across something new, something worth exploring. Every time I invest in a new piece of technology, it is like a new world awaiting exploration. I also enjoy the convenience and ease technology brings to my life. I can now transfer money at the click of a button, or communicate to people all over the world.

My love for soccer came from my childhood experiences with my dad. As soon as I was walking he placed a ball at my feet. Ever since then, I have been playing. I practiced 6 times a week developing my skills. Soccer allowed me to travel the world playing in different arenas and meeting great people. Soccer has taught me that “practice makes perfect”.

Photography allows me to capture a moment in time. I can capture the beauty of a sunset, or the intrigue of landscapes. I can capture the joy in a babies eyes or the expression on someone’s face. Photography allows me to connect my passions. It infuses my love for cars, because I take long rides to find new and interesting moments to capture and like soccer, I will continue to practice until I reach some level of perfection.