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Toronto based legionxstudios, is run and operated by Toronto photographer Tudor Stanescu. Legionxstudios is a full-stack creative studio that offers a multitude of photography and videography services. Tudor’s work primarily focuses on a combination of creative portraiture and lifestyle photography, commercial and brand photography, landscape and cityscape photography, and wedding photography and videography.

Our creative portrait and lifestyle photography aims are to capture the emotions of our subjects in an intimate way to both surprise and delight our customers and their audiences.

As a veteran photographer, I am able to see the world from a unique angle. Knowing how to capture the light and essence of life, you will see yourself on your most special day in a way you wouldn’t have imagined and will have the memories which will last a lifetime.

Our highest specialty is to create branded content that helps companies tell stories and better connect with the audiences, in turn, improving their brand equity. We do this through a deep understanding and research of said audiences and understanding their motivations and emotional triggers, which help us develop the right content.

In a world where our lives move so quickly, I capture the moments which may go amiss in the chaos of our daily lives.

Pricing List

Browse through our most popular photography services and pricing.

Please refer to our services pages to find pricing information for all of the different services we offer.

Portrait Mini
Session Parameters:
On-Location Shoot (Up to 1 Location)
25-Min Portrait and Lifestyle Shoot
Up to 1 Outfit Only
3 Fully Retouched High-Resolution Images
Online Gallery ready within 30 Days
Bonus: Free Animated GIF of Shoot
Portrait Standard
Session Parameters:
On-Location (Up to 1 Location)
45-Min Portrait and Lifestyle Shoot
Up to 2 Outfit Changes
5 Fully Retouched High-Resolution Images
Online Gallery ready within 30 Days
Bonus: Free Animated GIF of Shoot
Portrait Delux
Session Parameters:
On-Location Shoot (Up to 2 Locations)
1-Hour Portrait and Lifestyle Shoot
Up to 3 Outfit Changes
7 Fully Retouched High-Resolution Images
Online Gallery ready within 30 Days
Bonus: Free Animated GIF of Shoot
Portrait Premium
Session Parameters:
On-Location Shoot (Up to 3 Locations) or Studio
2-Hour Portrait and Lifestyle Shoot
Up to 4 Outfit Changes
20 Fully Retouched High-Resolution Images
Online Gallery ready within 30 Days
Bonus: Free Animated GIF of Shoot
boudoir session
Session Parameters:
In-Studio Boudoir Photoshoot
2-Hour Minimum Boudoir Shoot
Up to 5 Outfit Changes
20 Fully Retouched High-Resolution Images
Online Gallery ready within 30 Days
Bonus: Free Animated GIF of Shoot

My Work

Why Choose Me?

Seasoned Photographer

When working with me you will know you are in great hands that will help bring your vision to life and capture your best angles. 

lightIng Expert

I have mastered art of capturing the essence of light and molding it around the subject to make every image have the right pop of life. 

Professional Equiptment

Only using the top of the line camera and lenses, my work will always deliver the best possible technical quality.

Editing Prowess

With rich decade long experience in digital editing, retouching and compositing you can be sure your images will feel unique and true to life.

Unique vision

After over a decade of deticating my passions to photography I have developed a great eye for capturing unique and ineresting visuals.

Clear Focus

Whether it’s crystal clear focus in your images, or the experience of how to conduct and effective photoshoot with clients, you can expect to experience great focus.

Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you service?
While based in Toronto, photography knows no bounds. We are available for travel in the GTA area, Peel, Durham, Halton and Hamilton area. We are also available for destination weddings and cross-border commercial projects. Should you be interested in hiring us for a service that requires international travel, please make sure to book at least 3-6 months in advance so we can accommodate the travel requirements.
Where will the photoshoot happen?
Depending on the service which you have booked, the photoshoot locations may differ. Portrait sessions and weddings are typically on-location, while boudoir sessions are hosted either in a home studio, Air BnB or photography studio. Please make sure to review the package you book for more details about the location options.
What payment options are available for photoshoots?
There are many payment options available. You may pay by credit card, debit card, cheque, cash or Interac e-transfer. Please note that most photoshoots will require a 50% non-refundable deposit. This deposit is to lock in your photoshoot timeslot so no one else books during this period.
How many images will I get from my photoshoot?
Depending on the service which you book this can differ very widely. Each package has a set amount of final edited and retouched images that you will receive. Please check the package you are interested in for more details. Additional edited photos can be purchased at a price of $25 per image. This excludes wedding photography packages, as a different pricing structure exists for those.
Do I get to choose which images I want to be edited and retouched?
Absolutely! Within 2-3 business days, you will receive a link with low-res jpeg proofs which you will be able to browse. These proofs will be all of the images which were taken during the shoot. You will just need to let us know which images you want to be edited from that gallery! This does not apply to wedding photography. It is up to our discretion to select and edit the best moments from that day. You can, however, purchase the RAW images separately, should you be interested.
How long will it take to get my final images?
Editing is an artform of on its own and should not be rushed. All photoshoots with the exception of product and wedding have a guaranteed turn-around period of 30 calendar days. This, however, might be much faster depending on the back-log of edits in progress. For weddings, we require a longer window of around 3 months.
Can I get the RAW photos after the photoshoot? My friend can edit the photos.
Unfortunately, I cannot supply any RAW photos by default. As the artist behind the lens, someone else's tampering of the images can result in a poor reflection of my intellectual property. Should you be interested in owning the RAW photos and copywrites to the images, special arrangements can be made. This excludes wedding photography and commercial photography engagements, as those services may include them. Please contact me if you see any more information about owning the RAW images.
Where and what can I use the images for?
Non-commercial images come with a standard digital licence which allows you to use the images for personal use, such as on social media, your own personal portfolio, etc. Any images used for commercial purposes such as advertising, product photography, etc must purchase a separate digital licence for digital distribution. These prices differ based on either the time of use or the number of impressions.

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