Urban Exploration Photography – Camp 30

This adventure dates back to the middle of July, exactly two months ago, and it’s taken me this long to get around to blogging about Camp 30. Fail right?

What is Camp 30 you may ask?

Located at 2212 Lamb Rd, Bowmanville, Canada, about an hour east of Toronto, Camp 30 was originally built as a school for delinquent boys. Around the time of World War II, the school was converted into a prisoner of war camp.  Shortly after the war until 1979 the camp reverted back to a boys training school, thereafter being used by various international organizations as a school ground for Malaysian students, and lastly as a private Islamic University.

Why Camp 30?

Besides the obvious richness in its history, Camp 30 has become a hot spot for Urban Exploration and photography. While it has become a National Historic Site as of 2013 and is protected by the government, in all the years leading up to it, in its abandonment, Camp 30 become brutally vandalized. While I can’t openly support any acts of vandalism, I can appreciate what it has become from an artist’s perspective, and what I can see through my camera lens, and what kind of pictures I am able to produce.

Getting around Camp 30

Navigating around Camp 30 is relatively easy. There are 13 buildings on the site, but I would say that there’s maybe 4-5 exciting ones to actually explore. I gracefully labelled all of the cool ones in the screenshot below! It’s worth taking a look through every building, as every one of them have some cool and unique to offer, but the 5 highlighted one were my favourite ones.


In the interest of being a logical human being, since I labelled the map with numbers, I am going to go through the buildings one by one, and share a few thoughts and pictures from inside. Coincidentally the order I have them listed on the map is the order in which Sheldon and I visited them. It’s like we almost knew which ones we’re going to be the best and we avoided the uninteresting buildings.

Picture Gallery of Build #1

Upon entering the first building I knew this was definitely going to be really cool. The exterior and interior of the building was absolutely littered with graffiti, and while it was a shame to see such a historic place so heavily vandalized, it was really cool to see first hand what has become of the place. I even tried to find out who or what “Uncle Joshe” video shoot was, but a quick Google search did not yield any results. Maybe they’ve been as lazy as me to finally posting anything about Camp 30 online, months after it actually happened. uncle-josh-video-shoot-camp-30

Picture Gallery of Build #2

The second building we visited was probably one of my second favourite buildings we saw. I assume the dorms of the school/prison belong in this building for there were many small bedroom like rooms throughout the entire building. The hallways were dark and creepy, and and even creepier basement which we never ended up going down to. A cold eerie breeze came down from the basement, and it smelled like doom was upon you if you were brave enough to venture down the stairs. We decided against it and explore the two floors of the building.

My favourite part about this building were definitely the hallways because we were able to get some really cool shots, both of the building, to capture its eeriness and we also got some really cool head shots done. Another really cool feature of this building was the accessible rooftop which acted like a balcony.

I’m going to skip over the 3rd building because I cannot seem to find any of the shots that I took inside there, so lets move onto the 4th building. The 4th building looks like what would have been the actual school building where classes went on, but also just a bunch of bedroom like rooms. This was probably the least interesting building of 5 I am outlining, because it seemed to sterile and new. We bumped into some locals on the ground while we were there and the father was explaining that the school was used up to a very recent time, and the interior of the school looked the newest.

Picture Gallery of Build #4


Finally I left the last building for last, which was my favourite building. At the back of the entire property lot was the “community center.” This building housed a basketball court and swimming pool. These shots were seriously cool!

Picture Gallery of Build #5

And with that concludes our trip to Camp 30. Hope you guys enjoyed the photos. Check out my other blog post on abandoned places in Hamilton.