How To Shoot and Edit the Perfect Sunset or Sunrise Photo – Simply done in Lightroom or Camera Raw

How To Shoot and Edit Sunset & Sunrise Photos Shooting and editing the perfect sunset photo can be a really easy process once you have a solid understanding on what you should be doing. I will first start discussing some favorable camera settings which I recommend to be used, which align perfectly with my editing style and methodology. Capturing the perfect in-camera photo is half the battle to a good edit. One of the most essential parts of shooting the perfect sunset or sunrise, is properly exposing the sky. While most people will not be using a graduated ND filter […]

how to shoot sunrise and sunset

How To Edit Moody Photos in Photoshop and CR

Ever wanted to learn how to edit moody pictures for your Instagram feed and achieve that moody theme aesthetics? Creating that captivating moody photos for your Instagram feed has never been easier when you understand all of the available tools in your editing arsenal, on how they work and interact together. By using Photoshop CC and Camera Raw (an included plugin with Photoshop, which is a free and dumbed down version of Lightroom), in this tutorial, Tudor Stanescu, often known by his alias legionxstudios will be teaching you his style and techniques in achieving the perfect moody photo edit. This […]

How To Edit Moody Pictures in Photoshop

Vulcun Promo Code CS GO

lexion X studios is glad to announce our partnership with Vulcun for CS GO betting, fantasy league, jackpot and marketplace. Our CS GO Vulcun Promo Code : legionxstudios What are Vulcun Promo Codes and how to sign up? When visiting the Vulcun website, use promo code legionxstudios, to receive the following promotions: On signup you will receive 5 free loot crates The Vulcun Promo Code for CS GO will allow you give you 100% gold match by Vulcun on your gold purchase, up to $1,000 By simply logging in and verifying your account with your credit card you get another 15 free loot crates With 20 free loot crates, […]


Vulcun Promo Code Dota 2

lexion X studios is happy to announce our partnership with Vulcun for Dota 2 betting and fantasy leagues Our Dota 2 Vulcun Promo Code : legionxstudios What are Vulcun Promo Codes? Signing up to the Vulcun eSports betting and fantasy league with our promo code, will yield the following benefits: On signup you will receive 5 free loot crates The Vulcun Promo Code for Dota 2 will allow you give you 100% gold match by Vulcun on your gold purchase, up to $1,000, and an additional 15 free loot crates Making your first cash deposit will give you 51 additional crates and […]


Cayo Coco Jeep Safari Tour – Cuba Adventures Part 1

After spending close to three months in England last year, and visiting Poland, Austria and Greece, I decided it was that time again to get my travel on. My friend Adrian and I talked for months about going away somewhere on vacation, and as the urge to travel came about, I knew it was time to plan my next adventure! We didn’t give the vacation planning much thought, and within a few days back in last August we picked at random to go to Cayo Coco in Cuba. I was under the impression that it was a good vacation spot […]

driving into the cuban mountains

Super moon Lunar Eclipse in Toronto

On September 27th, 2015 I was lucky enough to experience and photograph the “super moon” lunar eclipse, from the suburbs of Toronto. What is the Super Moon? The moon orbits the earth between a range of approximately 360,000 kilometers and 400,000 kilometers from the center of the Earth. On average the orbital distance is 382,900 kilometers. When there is a full or new Moon in an orbit which is less than 360,000 kilometers from the center of the Earth, it is considered a Super Moon. If the Moon is in orbit father than 400,000 kilometers, it is considered a Micro […]

Urban Exploration Photography – Camp 30

This adventure dates back to the middle of July, exactly two months ago, and it’s taken me this long to get around to blogging about Camp 30. Fail right? What is Camp 30 you may ask? Located at 2212 Lamb Rd, Bowmanville, Canada, about an hour east of Toronto, Camp 30 was originally built as a school for delinquent boys. Around the time of World War II, the school was converted into a prisoner of war camp.  Shortly after the war until 1979 the camp reverted back to a boys training school, thereafter being used by various international organizations as a […]


Pinery Provincial Park in Grand Bend – Beach Day Photography

A few nights ago I was walking around Woodbine beach in Toronto with a friend of mine and we were discussing about how every year we always make these summer check-list of adventures to go on. We both sound that often times we never actually get to do many of the things we would want to, and have this end of summer regret. Then in the last few weeks of the summer, usually in August we find ourselves scrambling to make last minute plans to go on as many adventures as possible so that we don’t have any as many regrets that […]

beach 2 at pinery provincial park grand bend

Miller Genuine Draft Composite Beer Shot

A couple weeks Stan and I got together for some more photographic adventures. That week we decided on doing an advertisement style photo shoot, and decided our subject would be a Miller beer bottle. I’ve always wanted to do a shoot like this since I became inspired by this tutorial many months ago. Now that I finally had time to edit this beast of a photo, I came to realize how much of an amateur I am. I’ll be honest I had no idea what I was doing, and I don’t like I’ve worked with this many layer masks in one […]

miller genuine draft beer product shot

Top 5 WordPress Plugins Every Blog and Website Should Have

I often advise people on starting their own blogs and websites and when I do I usually get the same types of questions. But more often than not people are not aware of what kind of things are possible of doing in today’s world of website development! It is no longer a time of hard coding HTML websites, but rather through the use of a CMS, (content management system) such as WordPress, SquareSpace or Joomla to name a few. Having a professional looking website has never been easier. For that purpose I decided to start a blog series to teach […]

wordpress plugins