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Toronto Urban Portrait & Lifestyle Photographer

legion X studios is a Toronto based experimental photography project which marries urban and exploration photography with lifestyle, portraiture and product photography. We embark on outdoor adventures in the city, abandoned ruins or nature to showcase our creativity and our model’s talents. Using nothing but natural light, we find the ideal location and time of day to create the perfect ambiance.

As master explorers we have located and conquered only the most epic shooting locations for your photoshoots. So that you don’t have to worry or think about where you would want to take your photos taken. You tells us what type of look you are going for and we will take you there! But of course we are always up for suggestions if you have a special place in mind you’d like to visit for your shoot.

In many of our photo shoots we combine movement and props to create a truly unique experience and image for our clients. Whether it’s using smoke grenades, crystal balls, sheets, bubbles, water, we make sure to add some of that special “oomph” to your photos.

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